History of Malton


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Malton: Precious & Distinctive

Malton is a market town and civil parish in North Yorkshire, England. The town is the location of the offices of Ryedale District Council and has an estimated population of approximately 4,000 people.


Horse Racing: Malton & Norton

Malton Races had been established some years, vide announcement in the London Gazette. On Tuesday 6th September, a plate as been usual, will be run for on Langton Wolds, near Malton, and another on the Thursday following, according to articles.


Mud Mortars

The first right and privilege of the late medieval burgesses of New Malton was to 'dig stone and earth for building and edification from wastes on either side of the town'. The use of earth mortars for construction in Malton was typical until the mid 18th century.


Malton Stones

Vernacular Malton was built of three stone-types: Oolitic limestone, calcareous sandstone and Hildenley limestone. These stones are essential to the character of the town and of surrounding villages.


Protest & Discontent

In 1808, the voters of Malton rebelled at the ballot box against an absentee landlord who had forfeited their affection. This is the story of that protest, its consequences for the people concerned and its effect upon the architecture of the town.


Old Malton, the Wider Vale of Pickering & Beyond

Old Malton is a desirable and historical village location, it is situated approximately one mile from Malton town centre.


Thornton, Farmanby and the Honour of Pickering

From 1733 until the late 19thC, the Hill family of Thornton held the lease of the Honour, Manor and Lordship of Pickering. The Thornton Estate archive contains rentals and documents of this great swathe of North Yorkshire – from Aislaby, all along the A170 to Scalby – from as early as 1422, but intensively after 1580.



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