• To collect photographic images of Malton and surrounding areas. The photographs included within this website will reveal the rich beauty of vintage Malton architecture.

  • To collect architectural drawings and maps; within this website, you will find a multitude of maps and architectural drawings, in the form of images. These particular historical artefacts are shared exclusively on MBG's website.

  • To collect conservation and repair reports and related research. The reports included on the website will consist of narrative, as well as photographic images of the building(s).

York House

York House has been more written about and more recorded than any building in Malton's history - these are the some of the drawings generated during the course of the York House Project.


Talbot Hotel

The Talbot Hotel. Built by Sir William Strickland after 1672 as a hunting lodge, the building was aggrandised by the Stricklands in the earliest years of the 18th century before being acquired by Sir Thomas Watson Wentworth.


Navigation Wharf

Owston’s Warehouse forms a remnant now of what had been known as Navigation Wharf. This was the head of the Navigation. Goods were carried into town via Water Lane, although other passageways onto Yorkersgate from the port area remain evident, if blocked, today.


Malton (General)

Malton is a market town and civil parish in North Yorkshire, England. The town is the location of the offices of Ryedale District Council and has a population of around 4,000 people.


Old Malton

Herein pre-enclosure and enclosure plans of Old Malton as well as documentary evidence and research about Old Malton Priory.



Yorkersgate was the beginning of the Roman road to York; from at least 15th century it was called 'York House Gate'. Architecturally, it is perhaps Malton's most interesting and varied street but is also one of the most blighted by log-jammed through traffic.



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