• To collect photographic images of Malton and surrounding areas. The photographs included within this website will reveal the rich beauty of vintage Malton architecture.

  • To collect architectural drawings and maps; within this website, you will find a multitude of maps and architectural drawings, in the form of images. These particular historical artefacts are shared exclusively on MBG's website.

  • To collect conservation and repair reports and related research. The reports included on the website will consist of narrative, as well as photographic images of the building(s).


Welcome to the website of the Malton Buildings Group.

We are building conservation professionals working in and around Malton. We believe that the architectural and cultural history of the town and the villages of its hinterland, as well as their landscapes represent a valuable area of study and a satisfying canvas upon which to work.

We have established this site to create a home for all the varied research going on in the area; to create a fulcrum upon which it may all be shared and made available to all who are interested in the past and future histories of the area and in their unique cultural landscapes.



- To collect photographic images, past and present.
- To collect architectural drawings and maps.
- To collect conservation and repair reports and related research.

To study and record the materials and craft practices deployed upon buildings of all historic periods in and around Malton, North Yorkshire, informing modern understanding and practice in the conservation and repair of these buildings, contributing to a locally specific and sustainable future for the area.
To make the buildings and landscapes in and around Malton accessible to all.


We welcome contributions from anyone interested in the history of Malton and beyond. All contributions will be credited. We are grateful to the Fitzwilliam (Malton) Estate for sharing many of their architectural drawings and other documents. Many others have been copied from the Fitzwilliam Estate Archive held at the North Yorkshire County Council Records Office in Northallerton. More recently, we have enjoyed privileged access to the Thornton Dale Estate Archive, now deposited at NYCCRO and have been pleased to offer a home to the research of a number of students from York University.


Lifetime Membership

We welcome postings from interested individuals,

historians, academics or enthusiasts. We would

ask for a one-off contribution of £10 for a life-time

membership of Malton Buildings Group. Funds will be

used entirely to service and update the website.





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